Visit San Antonio: Tourism Development, July 2018


San Pedro de Pinta - Monterrey, Mexico

June 3, 10, 17, 14, 2018 ( Every Sunday in June)

In anticipation of a decreased level of interest from Mexico, due to the geopolitical situation, staff re-focused its efforts from a traditional approach and zeroed in on the near-drive market of Monterrey, Mexico.  Staff researched and identified locations for a new direct-to-consumer pre-summer promotion to increase visitor traffic from the Monterrey region. The three-pronged approach included an in-market consumer activation, out of home, radio and a media brunch event.  Staff negotiated and collaborated with the San Pedro Garza Garcia, Nuevo Leon, to leverage its regularly scheduled Sunday event – “San Pedro de Pinta” to program consumer-centric activations every Sunday during June.

The objective of the promotion was to increase awareness of San Antonio as a fun, accessible summer destination for the Monterrey traveler and show that it offers a wide assortment of entertainment, events, and culture.  In addition, we established a partnership with Price Travel, which created special offers for San Antonio specifically for the event. Key performance indicators included creating a consumer email database, increasing website visitation, increasing bookings through Price Travel offers and generating social media activity.

Activations included a Latin jazz presentation from San Antonio as part of the music culture featuring Henry Brun and the International Quartet.  Bella Vía created large 3D chalk art artworks on the asphalt street, with images representative of San Antonio. Chalk artists also took advantage of the World Cup theme and created a piece that included three popular Mexico soccer players, which was a hit with the locals. In addition, professional artists worked with an interactive component in which children and adults would create images representative of San Antonio. Other activities included a social digital booth, including a screen for picture-taking; adding San Antonio-themed stickers; a green-screen gif, using a green screen with a selection of images representative of San Antonio; an iPad Memory game, which was a Memory game with iconic images andlogos of San Antonio; and a Circus artist, part of the festival setting that included giving balloons to families and stilts acrobats dressed in festive gear.

Initial results from the campaign are very positive. In June, the Visit San Antonio website saw a 100 percent increase in visitation from Mexico in comparison to the previous month, and we interacted with more than 7,200 consumer over the four Sundays in June.  Final results for the campaign will be available late in the fourth quarter of the year.

Tale of Two Cities Cooperative Campaign – United Kingdom

December 26, 2017 – April 30, 2018

The Tale of Two Cities campaign was developed to raise awareness of San Antonio and Houston as a joint holiday destination for United Kingdom travelers. The campaign targeted luxury travelers, DINKS and Empty Nesters and portrayed the past, present and future of Houston and San Antonio. The main idea celebrated these great Texan cities across Space and Time, highlighting where one can have a great experience in each city, when the cities became significant (history and time) and why they are such great destinations to visit.

The campaign included the build of a unique horizontal scrolling website,, that showed the timeline of significant events in each city along with an opportunity to enter into a sweepstakes for a chance to win a vacation package.  The campaign drove traffic to that site through a series of online and offline channels including premium display, print, social and radio broadcast. It also included owned assets from United Airlines and TravelBag, a UK Tour Operator specializing in this target audience.

Initial results, show the campaign reached more than 6.8 million consumers and acquired more than 7,000 email addresses that will be used for future promotions.  United Airlines reported a 43 percent increase in ticket sales year-over-year for the time period of the campaign. Travel Bag reports brisk sales and will provide a final YOY comparison at the end of third quarter.

The last component of this promotion is set to launch in conjunction with TravelBag’s 2018-2019 Brochure kickoff in September. The Tale of Two Cities cooperative group will host this event at a Texas-themed restaurant in London, where San Antonio and Houston will be featured destinations.