Visit San Antonio: Destination Sales and Experience, March 2019

The Destination Group Sales Division confirmed 61,311 total room nights in February.  This production includes the RV Industry Association’s RVX: The RV Experience event for March of 2023 and 2026.  Those events will bring more than 13,000 room nights each year.  The team also confirmed the American Academy of Optometry for a return of its Annual Meeting, which will be with us in November 2027 and have more than 7,600 attendees.

In March, we participated in the following customer events:

  • ConferenceDirect’s Annual Partner Meeting (APM) – This annual event took place in Atlanta this year.  At the APM, we interacted with the ConferenceDirect meetings team and had individual meetings with those planners that are booking or have potential to book their meetings in San Antonio.
  • Chicago Sales Mission – This annual event took place in Chicago during the first week of March.  This is the second year of this event and built upon the successes from our event last year.  Along with 12 area partners, we conducted several group sales calls, a customer dinner, as well as a customer lunch.
  • NYSAE Meet NY – We attended this annual event in NYC with two of our area partners.  There we participated in a one-day tradeshow, a customer event organized by NYSAE, as well as several sales calls.
  • Experient Envision – This is another annual event we attended to meet with many of our important Experient meeting planners.
  • PCMA Partners Conference – This is an event at which we were able to interact with the Board of Directors of PCMA, offering feedback on the performances of this organization, as well as learning of its future plans to help drive our industry.
  • SISO CEO Summit – At this annual event, we were able to spend valuable time with some of the nation’s largest Independent Show Organizers.  This time allowed our organization to highlight our large-show capabilities, as well as what our community has to offer these type of exhibit shows.

April is another busy month for the Destination Sales Team. We will participate in the following events:

  • The Large Show Roundtable – During the first week of April, we will be hosting 15 of the nation’s largest exhibit show planners in a two-day meeting that will showcase our destination and exhibit show capacities, and offer higher-level exhibit education sessions.
  • Customer Advisory Board – During the week of Fiesta, we will welcome back our Customer Advisory Board for several days of insight into national meeting trends, as well as an opportunity to showcase our city to these very important meeting planners.
  • XDP – This will be Visit San Antonio’s third time attending this annual program offered by ASAE.  Hosted at the Gaylord National Hotel just outside of Washington, D.C., we will spend two days networking with national meetings’ customers.

To see what other opportunities there are to partner with Visit San Antonio, please go to our partners’ website (

During February, the Destination Experience Team provided support to 12 groups convening in San Antonio, with a representation of 76,585 attendees accumulating to more than 65,600 total room nights.  The Destination Experience Managers coordinated and led 10 planning site visits during the month for groups that will meet in San Antonio between 2019 and 2020.

March has been a busy travel month for the Destination Experience Team. Our Destination Experience Managers promoted San Antonio at the prior year meeting for the following groups:

  • National League of Cities (NLC) – Congressional Cities Conference – held in Washington, D.C., March 10-12, 2019 | Definite for San Antonio November 20-23, 2019 | 5,000 Peak | 8,000 Attendance
  • RV Industry Association – RVX: The RV Experience – held in Salt Lake City, Utah, March 12-14, 2019 | Definite for San Antonio March 10-14, 2020 | 4,000 Peak | 7,500 Attendance
  • Association of Writers and Writing Programs (AWP) – held in Portland, Ore., March 27-30, 2019 | Definite for San Antonio March 4-7, 2020 |2,450 Peak | 12,000 Attendance
  • National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) – held in Detroit, Mich., March 27-31, 2019 | Definite for San Antonio March 25-28, 2020 | 3,000 Peak | 10,000 Attendance

Key groups meeting in San Antonio in April:

  • Collaborate
  • Texas Department of Public Safety/Division of Emergency Management
  • Argentum
  • National Head Start Association

The TCEA 39th annual Convention and Exposition was held in San Antonio for the first time after being held in Austin for 38 years. The meeting allowed attendees to become “Fully Charged!” More than 10,000 educators were on a mission to discover the knowledge and resources needed to engage students, enhance curriculum and increase productivity. Campus and district-level administrators, curriculum and technology leaders, teachers, librarians and champions of ed tech convened together to discover innovative strategies and best practices for integrating technology into their schools, classrooms and libraries.  One TCEA session taught educators how to engage their students using popular escape room-type challenges. Attendees were encouraged to participate in a fun challenge on the trade show floor to locate hidden light bulbs throughout the exhibit hall. Once found, the bulbs were placed into a wall that was in the shape of an enormous light bulb. TCEA took attendee engagement to a new level with their creative thinking. We are delighted to share that TCEA will be returning to San Antonio again in 2023.