San Antonio Tourism Ambassadors

Good Service is Good for Business

And the hospitality business is big in San Antonio with 39 million visitors annually! Our industry accounts for 1 out of every 7 jobs, that's more than 130,000 employees and brings $15.2 billion into the city every year. That's why making a lasting impression is so important—many San Antonio locals rely on tourism, and a good first experience often leads to a second and a third.  Help us turn your customers into regulars by registering to become a Certified Tourism Ambassador! 

The San Antonio Tourism Ambassadors Program is designed to create an inspired, informed and resourced community to enhance the San Antonio visitor experience and keep them coming back!  

The program:
  • Provides an affordable, credible way to teach skills needed to exceed visitor expectations, enhance corporate training with destination-specific information and reinforce customer service training.
  • Incorporates key destination training featuring area history, hidden gems, interesting facts and more. 
  • Helps our industry to speak with one voice, stay competitive and raise the level of professional development for everyone who participates.
It is applicable to anyone in the service industry, from concierges to taxi drivers and bartenders to docents. The certification includes a four hour class for a minimal investment.