Why Become a CTA

Tourists are full of questions. And when it comes to the service industry, the more you know, the further you’ll go. The San Antonio Tourism Ambassadors Program can teach you how to turn every visitor encounter into a positive experience. And positive experiences result in return visitors, good word-of-mouth and better tips. In other words, everyone benefits – the visitor, the industry, the local economy and most importantly, you.

By enrolling in the ambassadors program, you’ll learn valuable destination knowledge, tips to help you exceed customer expectations and the necessary skills to advance your career. Click here to view the schedule of available classes and to enroll today!

Why is Tourism so Important?

The San Antonio hospitality industry accounts for one out of every eight jobs in our area and brings $13.4 billion into the city every year. That’s why being as hospitable as possible is so important - many San Antonio locals rely on tourism. This infusion of external money often keeps taxes down and provides the San Antonio area with extra money to make San Antonio a better place to live and a better place to visit. 

What’s in it for you?

Becoming a Certified Tourism Ambassador™ is a meaningful credential and an impressive addition to your résumé. The skills you learn during the program can help you earn better tips, increase business and advance your career. And as a Tourism Ambassador, you’ll be provided with excellent networking opportunities, regular advice and updates and the opportunity to earn rewards and incentives.

Unlike other programs, the San Antonio Tourism Ambassadors Program provides you with national certification, not just training. By completing the program, you’ll receive a credential and accompanying initials that can be used to denote your commitment as a Certified Tourism Ambassador™ (e.g., Jim Smith, CTA). The program also:

Expands your industry social network - provides you with opportunities to network with and learn from your peers across the area and across the country.

Helps you stay "in the know" with regular updates.

Offers "Freebies & Discounts" that give you free or discounted prices to experience attractions and gain first-hand knowledge of the things visitors ask about.  (2014 "Freebies & Discounts" included more than $650 worth of free tickets and discounts to attractions like SeaWorld, Six Flags, San Antonio Museum of Art, Natural Bridge Caverns and more!)

What Employers are Saying