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Request for Competitive Sealed Proposal (RFCSP): Integrated Point of Sale System

Visit San Antonio is seeking proposals for an integrated retail and on demand discounted ticket Point of Sale (POS) system that will replace the currently utilized Keystroke POS that supports the inventory and retail operations of the Visitor Information Center. POS System must provide a secure access for multiple vendors to upload seated venue inventory and offers. System must be capable of communicating with social media platforms and websites. The retail and ticketing portions of the system need to be integrated and able to communicate as one system. The selected RESPONDENT(s) shall work with VSA to perform any and all related tasks required to fulfill the purpose of the Contract to include procurement, implementation, training and maintenance.

Download the Integrated Point of Sale System Request for Competitive Sealed Proposal (RFCSP)

Download the City of San Antonio/Supplier Utilization Plan Form (Attachment D)

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